Telephone: 01543 417371
  • Welcome to McKenzie's Restaurant

  • A place where the beautiful old Corn Exchange building is allowed to shine and be. The products that we source are from suppliers that have an interest in producing the highest quality and then caring for it in a way that helps us bring the best products to your table.


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    We are now able to take bookings online. Please click the link below to book a table at our restaurant.

  • "We know that the sacrifices and heart that comes from operating on our own.  We also understand that our guests have busy lives and that when they come to us they want to enjoy a place that provides great service and quality products, as they work hard and deserve to have a place to feel safe and assured of a great time.Therefore we partner and work with like minded people to bring you the experience that in some cases money can not afford to buy. It comes from within and the heart - it is honest and true hospitality everyday.” 

    Mark McKenzie Maltby